I draw

I love to draw my ideas using graphite and colored pencils. My drawing ideas came from what I connect to—living things, things I love like people.

I paint

I love to paint using acrylic, oils and watercolor paints, just like drawing. My main subject is people, portraiture since that way i can express myself.


I have a YouTube channel whereby i post my works in progress and tutorials. Most of my works can be found there.

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What my customers and friends say

A very talented young man who is going to go far in the artworld. 


His work is so realistic and his technique is so fine, he has a unique way of capturing people and expressing himself as an artist is not an issue. His YouTube channel too is quite beneficial and one can learn a lot by watching him draw and paint on YouTube.


About me

Hi, My name is Moses Sabayi. I’m 22 year old artist from Nairobi, Kenya  who has been doing art since childhood. I’m interested in painting and drawing with graphite, charcoal and colored pencils . It’s through my art that i have been able to appreciate the good things in life that makes us who we are and also express my ideas and my perceptions towards various issues in life.

I strongly believe that it is what we enjoy doing in life that can change the entire world and make it a better place regardless of who we are. I also believe that it’s the funny little things we experience everyday, the things which are often forgotten and ignored  that makes us who we are. This are the things that i express through my art since i strongly believe in the power of art.

I want to  make you feel inspired and excited through my art. So visit my blog, read it, like it, and don’t forget to drop a comment.

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